About Us


The Ultimate Gaming Championship is a video game event specialist focusing on bringing cutting edge production along with exclusive media content to you.  Watching the market and building the brand over the last four years, we have evaluated leagues and tournaments across the nation and meticulously planned our approach to the market and how the company will be run.

Besides our events, we also have our own custom store, no more 3rd party sites, everything is in-house. You can buy everything we own though that store, from team passes to your own UGC tee, everything is made by us and sold by us. We have an apparel store that will only grow from here on in. With us incontrol of our products, orders and deliveries,  you don’t have to worry about late shipment dates, lost orders or who to contact if something needs changing. If you need to get in touch with us simply visit our contact page and we are always here to help.

Our Belief

UGC believes “It’s not just gaming” as we ensure the events hosted bring a professional experience and environment.  While the UGC was established on Halo, it looks forward to the expansion of games spanning a wider demographic.  Overall, the UGC hopes to support the needs of the gaming community. This linked with our new store and apparel creation team, we know we have you covered.

The combination of past experience, research, innovation, and our newly gained partnership displays a bright future for the UGC as we push to the 2014 seasons and next-gen consoles.  The passion of the UGC points directly to the gaming community.

Our History

The UGC roots date back to 2006, in which a LAN center was established named The Game Attic.  Being located in an upper loft of a downtown restaurant, the center was completely renovated.  Over the years, The Game Attic hosted Halo 2 and Super Smash Bros. tournaments.  As the LAN center progressed, local events outgrew the center.  Advancing to other venues The Game Attic renamed itself Illinois Gaming Circuit (IGC).

In 2009 the IGC took on the identity Ultimate Gaming Championship (UGC) to create a brand that encompassed a far wider demographic. Sponsoring several teams for leagues such as EGL and MLG.  At the same time we started building up a substantial amount of LAN equipment and started helping leagues host events and manage the brackets. Whilst doing this UGC would travel to events to understand what worked and what didn’t. In 2009-2010 the UGC hosted several Micro Events to raise funds for local charities and organizations.

In 2012, UGC pushed it’s brand a little further, this time to establish a solid base for launching an recognisable league.  The goal was to support events and host tournaments with only UGC resources and ensure league sustainability.

In 2013, UGC reached out to a few companies in order to gain funding for the equipment needed to stream. They later partnered with a video and event production company. This was the biggest overhaul of the brand that has happened to date. With a working investor the process of the re-branding and making things more official took place.  The first step was to get UGC LLC. Filled, bank accounts sorted and the website designed from the ground up. In the fall of 2013, we announced our first event that would take place with Scott ‘Gandhi’ Lussier, to try and help out the Halo community and put on one last big event prior to the launch of Halo 5

Our Future

Looking forward the UGC will bring video game events to another level with the confidence that all areas are covered.  The term “Rome wasn’t built in a day” defines the UGC and we can guarantee that this will be the end of empty promises in the gamin industry. The UGC takes pride in innovation and development for the future of gaming, so we have a R&D dept that is working on thing to advance not only our brand but allows you, the gamer, an easier life in the gaming world.