Privacy Policy


UGCHoldings, and The Ultimate Gaming Championship are dedicated to the protection of your privacy. We have posted our privacy policy in simple and understandable terms so you can read it and make sure you know how we handle your personal data and you can be safe in the knowledge that your privacy is protected.


We obtain information from our competitors, subscribers and customers for maintaining their account and to be able to identify you from other users. This information is stored on the servers that are serviced by. We use this information to process orders, contact you for reasons of customer service or information that needs to be delivered to you for any of our live events. The information obtained will be, Full Name, Address, Telephone number, email Address, social media handles and gamertags. We will also store IP address for all visits to our site, for both security and analysis.


At anytime of browsing the website your IP address will be logged and tracked. This information is purely used to track trends of users so we can enhance the website for better use. It should be known that the IP addresses that are logged will never be attributed to your profile or any of your personal information.

DISCLOSURE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION ensures that any and all data collected through the website and at events will be treated as confidential and will only be used ethically. We will not disclose personal information any third parties, other companies or affiliates without the consent of the member. This consent will be requested through one of the following means; Website Terms and Conditions, e-mail or verbally. If an individual’s consent cannot be gained by us, then it will not be disclosed. The only time we will disclose information to a third party is if you enter a prize draw that is sponsored or co-sponsored. The sponsor/co-sponsor may need your address to mail the item to you. Once we have given the information to the third party we have no control over how these companies use your data.

DIRECT MARKETING does not currently participate in direct marketing. If in the future we decided to use this form of marketing we will begin our marketing with a very clear option to opt-out. Once you have chosen not to receive any more direct marketing, you will not receive any further marketing material choose to send out in the future. These individuals will also be placed on an MPS list where you will have the option to opt-in at a later date.


Any data relating to purchases made through our website or at an event will not be stored by or The Ultimate Gaming Championship. We reserve the right to change this policy at a later date, however if this happens will have a clear statement on their website along with an email to all it’s members that will inform both them and users of these changes. If members are against having their financial details being kept on the website there will be a clear way to contact us to inform us of this.


If a user so wishes, they can contact The Ultimate Gaming Championship via and request complete deletion of all information we have accumulated over the period of their membership. The Ultimate Gaming Championship will then respond to the individual confirming the deletion of all relevant information.


On our website we have links to numerous other websites including sponsors and relevant companies. We will not be held responsible for any privacy policies of their websites and users should be aware that their privacy policies will differ from that of


We reserve the right to update and change this privacy policy at any time due to our commitment to compliancy and data privacy requirements along with reflecting any changes within the company. We will endeavour to inform you of any changes through notifications on the site along with an email notification. If you have any questions about this policy as it stands now or indeed any changes we make in the future please contact us at